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5th moment: Contained in the last 8 years.


This period is marked by the awareness of one’s own finitude and consequently marked by valuing life. She celebrates, then, her 40 years of Art experience with an individual exhibition using the whole space of Parque das Ruinas Gallery in Santa Teresa. Dorothy Pritchard nominates this exposition of “Finitudes, the finitude being processed”.


 She participates even more now in the events and courses at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, where she is part of the discussion panel for Psychoanalysis and Art Circles. At the end of each year, Yolanda presents a theoretical work and a performance for the Introduction of the Psychanalysis Course, related to the theme worked before.


Now, that she is approaching the 50th year of her career, Yolanda Freyre, portrays the Human from her own life experience and her gaze towards the Other. She keeps her paintings, installations and performances. Paints not only on canvas, but also uses the imperfect Birkem shell structure as a support for her painting. She understands, in a general way, that her career has always been related to comprehending what it means to be human, the drives of both life and death.


Her main activities from that period are:


2010 – “Finitudes” (Cultural Center of Parque das Ruínas, Rio de Janeiro)

2012 – “Jandaia” Performance (Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis, Rio de Janeiro)

2016 – “Birkens” at Art of Rio Exhibition (H.Rocha Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro)

2016 – “Tribute to Frans Krajcberg” Action/Installation at “What Is Your Link?” Exhibition (Calouste Gulbenkian Municipal Center of Culture and Citizenship, Rio de Janeiro)

2017 – Exhibition: The Art of Rio (Antonio Berni Gallery, Argentina Consul, Rio de Janeiro)      

2018 - Exhibition: The Art of Rio (Antonio Berni Gallery, Argentina Consul, Rio de Janeiro)

2018 - Exhibition: An affirmation of the Presence (Cultural center of the post office, Rio de Janeiro)

2018 - Exhibition: Radicals Wonem  (Pinacoteca, São  Paulo)

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