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4th moment: Takes back the fabrics used before in other performances and use them as support and as her main work.


Does different installations with ribbons, feathers and copper wires. Relives popular memories, tribal memories, ancestry and succession.


Uses oil painting as the Universe theme. Performs the exhibition “Fire Tongue” presenting objects in concrete and oil paintings. In this way, she tries to show her concern with natural forces: creation and violence.


“Where the sacred meaning is mixed with principles, with genesis, when the sexuality transcends the bodies sensuality, and reaches Eros Cosmic, the power that generates life.” (YF)    


Her main activities from that period are:


1998 – “The Sheet” (Memory Exhibition – Copacabana SESC)

1999 – “Banners and Flags” (Land in Sight Exhibition – 500 years, Debret Gallery, Paris)

2002 – “Fire Tongue” – Painting and Objects in Concrete (at MAST, at the Museum of Astronomy and Related Sciences and at the National Museum of Fine Arts, Rio de Janeiro)

2004 – “Brooms” – (CEDIM – State Council for Women’s Right; SESC Art Gallery in Nova Iguaçu and UFF Art Gallery, Rio de Janeiro)

2005 – “Net/Body/Connection/Brazil” Installation (Candido Portinari Gallery, UERJ, Rio de Janeiro)

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